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RELIGACION, seeks theoretical and practical contributions to the Social and Human Sciences, based on Southern epistemologies, and the need for interdisciplinary approaches as a key to revitalize and integrate both theory and practice.

Religación, is interested in promoting interdisciplinary research in social sciences and humanities; to be an opportunity for academics, researchers from different fields to share the results of their research, the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.


SCOPE: Anthropology, Political Science, Demography, Economics, Geography, History, Linguistics, Psychology, Semiology, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology and others, always with a global approach linking Latin America with Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.


Publish in: March, June, September, December



RUNAS, JOURNAL OF EDUCACTION & CULTURE is a refereed publication that seeks to preserve the spirit of Leonidas Proaño, who dedicated his life to working with the indigenous sectors of the Andean region of Ecuador, who lack formal education, and therefore rights that allow them to live in a dignified manner. This journal aims to examine education with a critical, contextual vision that contributes to the dissemination of the reality of this field in peripheral countries and its possibility of liberation.


SCOPE: Public policies of education, Gender and education, Intercultural learning, Training, teaching and learning, Educational technology, Teacher education, Educational evaluation and assessment, Educational systems, Cultural studies, Political culture, Ethnicity and culture, Language and culture, Popular culture, Visual media and society, Communication and culture


Frequency: July, December

RESISTANCES. Journal of the Philosophy of History, born as a magazine inspired by the life of an Ecuadorian indigenous woman, Dolores Cacuango, her teachings and processes of struggle allowed great advances in the achievement of rights for rural workers, her popular wisdom is an example of thinking that transforms. Her phrase: "We are like the straw of the moor that is pulled up and grows again... and from the straw of the moor we will sow the world", encourages our purpose of contributing to the academy with a critical magazine, which covers the knowledge of different perspectives, contributing to a historical revision and with a renewed vision of the images of the world.


SCOPE: Philosophy of liberation, Latin American philosophy, aesthetics, applied philosophy, early modern philosophy, southern epistemology, German idealism, phenomenology Structuralism and post-structuralism, the analytical tradition, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, southern epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphysics and theory of value, philosophy of science Contemporary history, which encompasses a wide range of historical approaches, including social, economic, political, diplomatic, intellectual and cultural. Applied history, politics, social, intellectual, cultural, economic, environmental, power relations, gender relations, migrations, oral history, collective memory, subjectivations.


Frequency: July, December

PACHA. Journal of Contemporary Studies of the Global South, is a refereed publication that examines the issue of the Global South, understood as the resilient imaginary of a transnational political subject resulting from a shared experience of subjugation under contemporary global capitalism.  The journal seeks to publish articles that address spaces, peoples and experiences of those negatively affected by contemporary capitalist globalization (Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East).


SCOPE: Economic development, political economy, agriculture, planning, working class, popular movements, politics and power, imperialism and empire, international financial institutions, environment and economic history, among others that portray the temporality of the Global South.


Frequency: April, August, December

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e-Book: Co-edition: Kresearch y CICSHAL Religación. Centro de Investigaciones en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades desde América Latina

ISBN: 978-1-945721-33-5

CICSHAL, in cooperation with Kresearch, are about to publish the book: Para pensar el desarrollo social sostenible: múltiples enfoques, un mismo objetivo, by Luna-Nemecio, J.


Given the degree of complexity and interconnection of economic, political, cultural, scientific, technological, environmental, and physical and emotional health problems that humanity is currently experiencing throughout the planet, it has come to be considered that the development of today's society has reached a stage where it has to find the necessary means to be able to carry out its social reproduction in the midst of a crisis of civilization in which each and every one of the subjects' spheres of vital affirmation finds serious limits that, as the degree of development of the capitalist system advances, become increasingly difficult to overcome.

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e-Book: Co-edition: Kresearch y Religación. Centro de Investigaciones en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades desde América Latina